Integrity, Efficiency & Teamwork

Integrity, efficiency, and teamwork are at the heart of what we do, and you’ll find that attitude in our office staff, our mechanics, our drivers, and our customers. We believe that every individual and every client is unique; we create programs and solutions that take your specific needs and create flexible, customized shipping solutions.

At Tom's Auto Transport Inc we’re driven to deliver your vehicle safely and on time. We pride ourselves on service first and that means being people-oriented. When you call our office we connect you to our staff—not a phone recording—so you get fast, friendly, and efficient service every time.

Tom's Auto Transport Inc is committed to treating all members of our industry – drivers, in particular – with the recognition and respect they deserve.

What Sets us Apart from Other Trucking Companies?

Our dedicated team of skilled logistics and trucking professionals
Our commitment to safety and certifications
Our top-notch facilities and equipment
Our logistics and fleet management technology
Our drive to change and improve the trucking industry

Our Skill Level

Get an idea of how effective our ground shipping services are and the kind of feedback we received from our customers on our Quality, Speed, and Safety.

At Tom’s Auto Transport, we specialize in the transportation of used vehicles.

Our Services Include


Local Delivery

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Tow trucks servicing the greater Dallas Fort Worth Area

Nationwide Vehicle Transport

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18 Wheelers driving across the country

General Schedule:

Houston four times per week

Austin, San Antonio, Tulsa and Oklahoma City each twice a week

All other cities once a week or biweekly

Pick up on time-. To prevent storage charges, submit an order for transportation as soon as you win the bid. Most auctions give you 5 business days, including the sale day, to pick up your car. We do the best we can with we are given to ensure you will not be charged storage.We cannot be responsible for paying for your storage. 90% cars are picked up within a week.

Safety & Security

For quality assurance purposes, our drivers photograph each vehicle before loading to document the condition of the vehicle. This allows our company to take full responsibility for any damages inflicted in transit or drop off.

Before each trip, our drivers receive information including the size, physical condition, and mechanical issues of each vehicle on their trip so that they can plan the best sequence to both load and unload the vehicles. This prior preparation, minimizes incidents and maximizes efficiency during loading and offloading.

Once your vehicle has been loaded, every driver measures the height of the loaded trailer to ensure that he will clear any bridges or height restrictions on his route. Furthermore, each of our drivers is equipped with technology and information to assist them in avoiding low clearings and high traffic areas that may interfere with their traditional routes.

Hands-Free Policy

Safety is our top priority. Understanding the impact one minor incident could impose, we wish to protect our drivers, customers, and community by implementing the highest safety standards.

Our drivers drive distraction free. Texas law mandates that Commercial drivers do not use any technology while on duty and we reinforce this principle by having our drivers sign a contract pledging compliance.

500weekly deliveries
24Hours a Day
10000Miles Per Month